Raleigh, NC Family Photographer

Mentor with me

Ever wish you had someone to guide you? Offer you, gentle CC and steer you in the right direction when it pertains to your photography? Fortunately enough being self-taught & investing in education myself, I now have the tools to help others. I offer individual & group workshops, So grab a group of friends & let's hang out for the day :) Topics will include portfolio review, posing, how to use natural light, camera settings, editing, composition, styling and more! I will customize each session to fit your needs! Lunch or Coffee is on me :) For more information, please click below.

Raleigh NC Family Photographer



“I just completed my mentoring session with Dana & I am SO pleased I chose to mentor under her. Not only did I increase my skill set (shooting, composition, & editing), I also learned how to better interact with clients & built my confidence to really take my work to the next level. I would highly recommend her to anyone as a mentor. It was great to be under your wing.”