'"Oh, the places you'll go!' - Long Island Family Photographer- Long Island Children's Photographer

If you are a Mom like me chances are you are always seeking out new places & things to do with the family. Especially in the Summertime. This Summer my family & I went to some pretty cool places on Long Island, Brooklyn & NYC. I am always so busy documenting my client's adventures that it was nice to finally document my own. Although I am hardly in any of the photos lol ( every photographer's dilemma) I’ll still have these memories to hold on to. First up was the historic Coney Island. It’s actually one of the places Jonny & I went when we first started dating. We always make it a point to go back at least once a year. This year when we went they were hosting a “Stranger Things” themed event. If you are a fan of a show like we are you would have appreciated it :) Jonny & Kiara rode their favorite ride, “The Steeple Chase”, Of Course, the Day wouldn’t have been complete without some famous Nathan’s Grub & Some Coney Island Lager cruising down the boardwalk.


Next up was the Color Factory in NYC. The Color Factory is a pop-up interactive art exhibition with brightly colored room-sized installations, each theme focused around the concept of color. The art was amazing as well as the little “treats” you receive before leaving each room :)

Being a graffiti artist himself, I Knew Jonny would appreciate this next exhibit. BEYOND THE STREETS, the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and beyond, is a sprawling showcase of work by more than 150 artists from around the world. This exhbit we traveled into the Colorful Willimasburg, Brooklyn .I loved the fact that they had a whole section dedicated to the Beastie Boys. They even had a section where you can sit and draw or create graffiti yourself.Afterward you were able to hang it up and display it on a clothesline for all to see :)

Who doesn’t love the Bronx Zoo? We had a great day out exploring & seeing all the animals. We even checked out the new rope course.

One of the best parts about living on Long Island is the beautiful beaches and sunsets. We love to take a trip down to the North Shore and just explore.

Last month My Mom came to visit us from North Carolina to attend my hair & makeup trial. For those who don’t know, Jonny & I are getting married THIS November! We drove to PA for our make up trials. I can't believe the wedding is only 8 weeks away! My Mom has been so good with flying back & forth from NC to be a part of the wedding planning. Of course, Kiara loves to see her "memoe" every chance she can get. We had a day of laughs, Pennsylvania fudge & some of the best ice cream. Any Ice Cream shop with an old school "Pong" game inside of it you know is going to be GOOD.

We ended the Summer with the Sunflower Festival at Waterdrinker Farm. Snicker’s our Frenchie made an appearance as a bumble bee and was the “buzzzzzz” of the day lol.