Hi my name is Dana Flaherty. I am the owner & creator of One Split Pea Photography. I specialize in children's fine art photography. I have had several pieces of my work published online and exhibited  in galleries across Long Island.  I love to create images that tell a story. I do my best work outdoors with the use of natural light. I am passionate about capturing those rare moments between children & their families. I use minimal props for my outdoor sessions & believe that all the world is a stage.

 I grew up in Long Island with a home full of creative spirits. My Mom was a talented artist & I dreamed of becoming a writer one day. I studied women's literature & would paint pictures with my words. My Grandfather, who helped raise me, had a vast collection of National Geographic magazines that I became obsessed with. I started off with photographing landscape and architectural photography &  later on, after the birth of my daughter, I started my venture into children & family photography. I worked over ten years in the mental health field with children & adults with mental illness and autism. My understanding & experience in human behavior allows me to work with individuals from all spectrums. 

 After ten years in the social work field I decided to leave my job and follow my dream and passion for photography. I started my business in 2012 and haven't regretted one day. I love creating moments & images for people to cherish . I love seeing the smiles on clients faces when they see their photos for the first time.   I enjoy interacting with people and building relationships with families. 

When you book a session with me you are allowing me to take creative control and placing your trust in me as an artist. I like to think that my work stands out from other photographers. I like to capture children in their pure & rare form. Whether it be accidentally  falling down during a session, spinning around in a circle of jumping through the air.  I think of photographs as paintings. Something of heartfelt value that you can stare at for hours & remember for a lifetime. 

"You don't take a photograph, you make it." 
— Ansel Adams